heelsHigh heels make women’s legs look amazing. They stretch out those gams to long-legged coltishness. Those stilettos also emphasize the sexy curve the goes from the calf, narrowing to the ankle, and out again to the heel. They also give a woman’s walk an enticing sway and shimmy, and make her butt arch out a bit more.

What if women don’t want to endure the restricted movement, the pain, and discomfort, and possibly the resulting spider veins and varicose veins? Is there a way for those who have a Carrie-Bradshaw-type affinity for Manolo Blahniks and Jimmy Choos to have their cake and eat it too?

A very simple solution is to stash one of those foldable flats or flip-flops in one’s purse. When walking far distances is called for, out they go. When you arrive at the office or the restaurant where you’re having lunch with your girlfriends in Paramus, change into your heels. While this may not work or help at all during the more formal occasions — weddings, cocktail parties or special dinner dates, or any shindig wherein tiny bags are de rigueur – this is a boon to those who have to trudge from the bus or subway stop to the office and back.

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Body Modification

bodyMany people are interested in both liposuction and breast augmentation. Those who are in the West may be interested in liposuction in Glendale AZ and breast augmentation in San Diego. Both of these cities have centers that can offer this procedures. Medical professionals in both of these areas can consult with you the patient to find the areas you are interested in having cosmetically altered. Liposuction is one of the most popular cosmetic procedures that can be done. The procedure increased 38 percent in 2009. This process is safe generally helping to make it one most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. It is performed all around the country and is a procedure that can help individuals lose significant deposits of fat around their legs, thighs abdomen and buttocks. It is important to meet one on one with the plastic surgeons to determine how much fat can be safely removed from the area. It is important to have competent professionals perform the surgery as individuals want a smooth and contoured look to the areas they are having liposuctioned.

Breast augmentation is also a commonly performed cosmetic procedure. In 2011 it was the most commonly performed cosmetic surgery in the US. 307,000 women underwent the procedure which was a 4 percent increase over the previous year. It is commonly performed to increase a woman’s bustline. In breast augmentation, individuals most often choose to have their breasts enlarged surgically. There are several factors to consider with breast augmentation surgery. Individuals need to meet with their plastic surgeon to discuss what they wish to have done. surgically. Women will then make a choice as what sort of implants they would like. There is a choice of saline or silicone implants in a variety of sizes and shapes.

Individuals in consultation with their doctors also need to decide what sort of incision they want as part of their augmentation. This is part of the many decisions that need to be made with this surgery and is something that you need to consult with your doctor in regard to. Different types of incisions are also a decision you just make along with your care professional. Incisions for breast augmentation can be placed under the breast, around the nipple, in the arm pit, or in the naval area. For those who live in the areas of Glendale Arizona and San Diego California they can consult with medical professionals there.

Since both San Diego and Glendale Arizona are urban areas they can have some of the state of the art procedures done in both liposuction and breast augmentation surgery. Patients can find professionals that work at plastic surgery centers that may be able to perform both of these popular surgeries. Make sure you consult with professionals that can help you get the surgery you need at the price you can afford, Liposuction in Glendale AZ and breast augmentation San Diego are easy to find. Make sure that you do a thorough search to find the plastic surgery professionals that are experienced and will best fit your needs.

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3 Family SUVs and Vehicles Worth Looking At

When it comes to family and road safety, there is no such thing as being too safe.

One of the top considerations nowadays is finding a family vehicle that is safe, fuel efficient and even environmentally friendly.

Combining that all into one affordable package is a bit of a struggle, however below are three vehicles that are worthwhile including in your family vehicle shortlist if you are looking around at the various SUVs on the market.

Toyota Kluger
The Kluger is a large SUV that suits a family of up to 7. It is a very capable off-road vehicle and it is really the top choice in this class for this purpose. The vehicle has great performance with an excellent drive train and options for AWD or 4WD. The handling and ride is also an impressive feature of this vehicle. It is available in diesel and petrol variants and in automatic or manual transmission. It is one of the best vehicles in its class, but it is also one of the most expensive.

Hyundai Santa Fe
The Hyundai Santa Fe is one of the cheapest seven seater SUVs on the market. It has fantastic styling and is very comfortable inside. The ride and handling are also very decent quality. The Hyundai Santa Fe also impresses in terms of fuel efficiency, which has surprised even the strongest of critics. The main downside of this vehicle is the cramped third row seats, which are only suitable for small children. The steering is also somewhat of a letdown, but only compared with some of the more expensive competition. This is also not the vehicle to choose if you are towing a caravan or boat, because it has a 100 kg towball restriction.

Subaru Outback
The Outback is a medium sized SUV that features a really impressive and roomy interior. It has a feel of quality both inside and out. The comfortable ride and five star safety rating will also impress family buyers. The Outback also features Australian-tuned suspension and it is perfectly capable of handling many of the 4 wheel drive tracks found in this country. This vehicle doesn’t have many downsides, but it is a slightly “boring” drive.

A further useful resource for SUV and family vehicle information is the Rate Your Drive Australia website. They have put together a comprehensive SUV comparison article along with a useful article on the best 8 seater vehicles for thos larger families.

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Understand Cosmetic Surgery and Then Look For a Cosmetic Surgeon in Irvine

surgeryAn Overview of Cosmetic Surgery

More than fifteen million people worldwide underwent some given form of cosmetic surgery in 2011. The global demand for this surgery rose by 10% in 2012. This industry now ranks in more than six billion dollars worldwide. These figures show you the sheer importance of cosmetic surgery in contemporary society. Many people undergo different types of cosmetic surgery. For example, there are those who undergo liposuction, facelifts breast augmentation and butt augmentation.

However, only medically fit patients may undergo cosmetic surgery. This is because cosmetic surgery like most other surgeries has some element of risk to the patient’s health. Therefore, people who suffer from certain medical conditions such as malnourishment, diabetes, lung disease, arthritis, hypertension and severe depression obesity do not qualify for cosmetic surgery. You should consult your local medical surgeon in Irvine to determine your eligibility for this kind of surgery. You stand to enjoy a number of benefits because of cosmetic surgery if you qualify for it.

The Benefits of Cosmetic Surgery

This surgery has physical, emotional and psychological benefits for both you and those around you. To begin with, this kind of surgery enables you to deal with scar tissues, growth defects or problems associated with certain diseases. For example, women who have breast cancer can get a chance to have breast surgery if the cancer costs them their breasts. This presents the woman and her family with a sense of hope even in the face of such a terrifying disease.

Cosmetic surgery also helps people to perform corrective surgery that improve their appearance. This makes them more appealing to others and therefore increases the self-esteem of the person who underwent the cosmetic surgery. In other words, cosmetic surgery can help people to build up their confidence and therefore interact better with their friends, colleagues and family in society.

The Risks Associated With Cosmetic Surgery

As mentioned earlier, cosmetic surgery has similar risks as those that plague other surgeries. For example, a patient may react negatively to anesthesia, the surgeon may fail to meet the patient’s desire and/or future complications may arise due to cosmetic surgery. These are all vivid realities that plastic surgeons understand.

The best way of preventing these risks from materializing is to seek highly professional plastic surgeons. These surgeons will provide you will enough care, perform relevant tests and critically examine your eligibility for this surgery. They are your best bet at making sure that things go as smoothly as planned.

You now understand the benefits, risks and eligibility aspects of cosmetic surgery. You should make a decision as to whether you see it fit to undergo this procedure. Remember, you can ask your family, friends and colleagues for advice but the decision is ultimately yours. Cosmetic surgery like any other surgery is not an easy choice. It takes a toll on your body, emotions and health. You should therefore seek the services of a true professional in the industry for more advice and consultation. Contact TotalCosmetix for further details.

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Getting the Right Bra

braBreasts are such beautiful things. They deserve to be encased comfortably in a way that shows off their beauty whilst covering them. That doesn’t happen when you wear a bra that doesn’t fit. Ill fitting bras feel irritating, and sometimes they hurt. If they are too small your breasts either spill over the cups, which dig in and make your bountiful fruits look a little bit — sliced. If the bras are too big then there’s not enough filling them, which eventually deflate like a soccer ball that has lost some air.

Moreover, if you wear a bra that flattens and doesn’t flatter, you’d end up not with two breasts, but with what pop culture has labeled “the uniboob”, which does not sound like something that should belong to planet earth, much less Plantation, Florida.

So how does one make sure that a bra fits well? Here are some tips:

* First thing is to know your size, so bring out your tape measure. Put the tape around you just below your breasts, not tightly but right next to your skin, breath out all the air from our lungs, and measure yourself. That’s your band size. Next is to measure yourself right over the bust. Make sure that you’re wearing an unpadded bra for this. Or you may bend over so your torso is parallel to the ground and take the measurement. This number will determine your cup size. Commit these measurements to memory. Subtract your band size from this number and round off to the nearest inch. A difference of 1 inch means you’re an A cup, 2 inches means you’re a B cup, and 3 inches means a C cup, and so on.

* Now the shopping part. This is where it gets tricky as different brands have different ways of labeling the numeral part of their bra sizes (i.e. the “34” in 34C). Some brands will take the number from the band size measurement, so if you’ve measured say a 34.5 in your underbust, then you’re a 34. But some brands use the traditional way of taking it from the bustline, so if you’ve measured 35.5 on your bustline, round that off to 36, and that’s your size. Add the cup size that you’ve determined beforehand, and you’ve got your bra size.

* Note though that this is just a guide, since manufacturers have different ways of sizing, it is always best to fit a bra in your size and in the surrounding sizes. You’ll know that a bra fits right when you’re filling the cups right, no spillovers and no hollows. You’ll also have to make sure that everything is right next to your skin, especially around the underbust and in the cleavage area. If it doesn’t touch the skin, it’s not the right size.
* Check your bra size again before you start your next round of underwear shopping. You tend to lose or gain weight in time. And when bodies change, boobs could also change, so it’s best to measure yourself again do determine your bra size.

Get the right bra, and you might discover that your breasts look better than you thought, and you might not want that breast augmentation after all.

If you still prefer to get breast augmentation surgery, you can visit Suria Plastic Surgery’s website to learn more about its procedure.

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The Do’s And Don’ts Of Nail Art For The Over 40’s

nailartNail art is so hot right now, from sunny Santa Barbara to scorching San Antonio. It might be tempting, oh so tempting, to go on a spree and get some nail art on your nails. Everybody’s doing it, from your next-door diva of a neighbor to your college classmate. But you hesitate. And rightly so, because some nail art is simply not for everybody. And not all nail art is becoming for a classy gal like you.

So to guide you in your first foray into the world of nail art here are some tips.

DO keep on with your nail care. Make sure you moisturize your cuticles. And don’t do anything that would cause them to weaken or break – such as using a nail as a screwdriver or a mini crowbar. No, please.

DO consider the things that you will be doing with your hands. If you like cooking, you wouldn’t want some random rhinestone or nail caviar to end up in your salad.

DO keep it age appropriate. Stay away from decals or transfers depicting cartoon characters, teddy bears, and the like. They probably won’t look good with wrinkles or spider veins you probably have in your hands (check this site). And if your hand wrinkles or spider veins glaringly apparent, consider going to a spa or vein clinic (exclusiveveincare.com) rather than the nail salon.

DO pick the right colors. When in doubt, just imagine that nail color on a dress and ask yourself if you would wear that dress. Don’t put on a color on your nails that you wouldn’t wear on your body.

DO consider patterns and textures. Teddy bears may be iffy, but plaids and polka dots are for all ages. Just remember the tip about color choices. Nail caviars give awesome texture, but don’t expect them to stay on for more than a day.

DO consider your workplace and what is considered decorous. Banks, financial institutions, and law offices are generally very conservative workplaces, so if you must have some nail art, go for neutral base colors, and minimal flash. Gradations on nudes are fabulous and yet elegant enough for the most stodgy offices.

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Some Advice to my Fellow Spinster

singleThe word “spinster” can be considered an derogatory archaic term, coming from a time when older unmarried women who were not nuns were a rarity, and were generally objects of sympathy, and sometimes, discrimination and ridicule. Back then, a woman’s reason for being was to be a wife and mother. Her place was in the home, caring for her man and raising her family. Women with careers were unheard of, much less women who make enough money to support themselves or with enough power and influence to lead any undertaking. Proper ladies past marrying and child-bearing age that are unmarried are considered spinsters, and are probably so because no man wanted them enough to snatch them up, which meant that either that they were homely and unattractive, or that they were unpleasant shrews. They are thought to be grumpy, sad, and joyless creatures, dour and bitter old women, grumpy sticks in the mud, in dire need of hormone replacement therapy.

Hardly anyone uses the word spinster anymore. These days, it is not such a blight on a woman’s reputation to be remain unmarried. In fact, a lot of women do actually and actively make such a life choice, choosing instead to devote their lives to their causes and careers instead of a husbands and children. Women have become a permanent fixture in the workforce, and have proven themselves equally capable as men, if not more so. Many women in big cities such as Los Angeles or even smaller ones like Omaha have risen from the ranks and are now in leadership positions in many corporations, and even nations. They have gained acceptance, financial self-sufficiency, power, and respect.

And even those women who don’t end up as CEO’s, who choose to lead reclusive lives in the fringes of communities are treated more kindly than they were in centuries past. They are usually independent and self-sufficient retirees who have served society well during their productive years. If they choose to take care of cats, birds, or plants in their old age, it is no one’s business but their own. Moreover, they can find companionship and support in other women like them, who share the same interests.

You can visit jeffreypassermd.com for more info about Hormone Replacement Theraphy.

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Men and Moustaches

mustacheMany women scramble to get those unwanted hair off their upper lips — via waxing for something quick and easy, or laser hair removal at MakridesMD for something more permanent. Men, however, have the option of shaving their ‘staches or keeping them on. It doesn’t seem fair, but we can take comfort in the fact that most men start losing their hair in their mid-20’s and go bald in their 30’s, while most women keep their full head of hair almost all their lives.

But back to moustaches — they seem to be in fashion again (even women’s fashion), even if only as a joke. The disembodied ‘stache is now a design element, finding its way to fabric print designs, and countless fashion accessories. Weird renderings of these are now featured as pendants, belt buckles, handbag clasps, hair clips, and headbands.

This recent fascination with hair upper lips seem to have given some men some brand of validation that they take as permission to “make their garden grow”. Suddenly it makes them feel more macho again, as masculine as back in the day when Burt Reynolds was sexy and Magnum P.I. was a hit TV show and Tom Selleck was God’s gift to women.

It has been a venue wherein they can assert some individuality. There’s a choice on whether to go old-fashioned, as with a handlebar moustache, or just back to the roaring 20’s with a well-groomed pencil thin one. There’s also the full and bushy Colonel Sanders type ones, and the creepy square ones ala Charlie Chaplin (or Adolf Hitler, depending on your predisposition).

There are even clubs that moustache growers can join. There’s the Handlebar Club, The Whisker Club, and many local chapters of Beard and Mustache Clubs. Mustaches for Kids is an organization of men who grow moustaches to help raise money for local children’s charities. There are chapters all over the USA, especially in the East Coast, starting with Boston, down through Long Island, until Wilmington. There’s a sprinkling in the west and Midwest, including chapters in Omaha and Denver. The Omaha chapter recently partnered with Make a Wish Nebraska and raised over $201,000 this year.

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A Mother’s Work is Never Done

motherBeing a mother has to be one of the most fulfilling roles a woman can fill. Some moms enthuse that it is the pinnacle of their womanhood. This is work that’s far more important than any career, because it involves nurturing, protecting, teaching, and molding members of the society of the future. It is not a high-power, high-paying job, but it is hard work that she has every right to be proud of and deserves the esteem of her peers.

She gets up with the sun to get breakfast going for her family. If the kids are of school age, she gets them ready for school and seated at the breakfast table to partake of the most important meal of the day. She prepares their lunch takes them to school, does her errands, picks them up from school, supervises homework, makes dinner, cleans up, tucks the kids to bed, before plunking down on her bed, exhausted, and then only to do it all over again the very next day.

Motherhood doesn’t pay enough for a decent house. It won’t pay for a spa day, or a breast augmentation in Fairfield at FairfieldPlasticSurgery.com. It has no medical or dental coverage whatsoever, no insurance. She gets no payment but joy — in loving another human being so utterly and totally, joy in beholding children’s talents, accomplishments, and achievements, and joy in watching them grow to be good and productive citizens,

A mother’s work is not done when the clock says 5 pm. It isn’t done when she gives birth, nor when she weans her child, nor when she first sends him off to school. It’s not even done when her son or daughter graduates from college. And when she gets grandkids, she begins her role as grandmother, which is co-continuous as that of motherhood.

In short, she’s always at work, always trying to teach her kids to be better, always worrying about them, always wanting to feed, nurture, and protect them, always wanting what’s best for them. She’ll probably always be fussing over them, kissing and hugging them every time she gets the chance. She’s a mother until the day she dies.

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Essential Delicious Foods for your Clean Eating Program

The following food groups are essential for a healthy and successful body cleanse diet. They will provide you with optimum energy for your busy schedule and nutrients and are easy to digest by the body.


  • Protein is essential for the hundreds of functions in your body. Choose lean, grass fed sources where possible. Include a protein serve with each meal. A serve is approximately the size of your palm. Sources include: eggs, chicken, turkey, tempeh, tofu, soy beans, lentils, sesame seeds, chickpeas, broad beans, lima beans, beef, lamb, pork and grilled or steamed fish. Organic meats are another good option to try if they fit your budget.


  • Dairy is a food with a whole range of nutrients including calcium, riboflavin and B12, and can be used in the program. Some people react to dairy without being aware of it, so over the 5 day program this is an opportunity to try alternatives up to 2 serves per day. Sources include: soy milk (make sure it is organic, e.g. Bonsoy, Vitasoy), rice milk, oat milk, goat’s milk and almond milk. See how you feel after 5 days and reintroduce it.

Fruit and Vegetables

  • Vegetables are an essential part of a successful clean eating program. They are rich, nourishing and a wonderful source of fibre, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients.
  • You may have as many serves of vegetables as you wish in salads, stir fries, soups, juices. Aim for 3 cups of salad and 4 cups of vegetables per day and 2-3 pieces of fruit.


  • Grains and grain-based foods have been staples in the diets of cultures around the world and have made an important contribution to nutritional requirements since cultivation began around 10,000BC. They are good sources of carbohydrates for increased energy, protein, iron, zinc and magnesium, are low in fat and provide varying amounts of fibre. If you are going to choose grain foods, ensure that they are wholegrain products and minimally processed. Other options to try instead of wheat include: buckwheat, amaranth, quinoa and brown rice.

Nuts and seeds

  • Are an excellent source of protein and nutrients and also help with increasing satiety.
  • Limit to 1 cup per day
  • Enjoy: all raw nuts, LSA mix, cold pressed oils

With thanks to the team at the www.24HourGymReviews.com.au for this great information!

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